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Aparmita Buddhist Deity – Amitayus – Bestower of Longevity

Amitayus- Aparmita Buddhist Deity – Bestower of Longevity

Golden Aparmita Buddha Statue

Amitayus also known as Aparmita, the Buddha of Limitless Life. Amitayus Buddha is the Buddha of Health and Physical Immortality. Together with White Tara and other long life Buddhas, Aparamita is meditated on for long life and very popular because of a long history of miraculous cures. Aparmita is the name given to Amitabha in his character of bestower of longevity.

Amitayus Buddha is also part of the Trinity of Physical Immortality along with Unishavijaya and White Tara.  This Bodhisattva and Dakini Trinity is no accident, because it refers to three core practices that are needed to become physically immortal.  Each practice is so important that you can start with any of them. Amitayus Buddha also confirms a protective field that prevents further incursions into our life.

He is normally seated as shown in a full lotus with hands in the Dhyana Mudra on his lap, face peaceful in contemplation. He is always adorned with thirteen ornaments and wears a flowing scarf over his shoulders, and holds the long life Ambrosia vase (kalasha) which contains the elixir of immortality, decorated with four strings of beads, representing sacred pills. His hair is painted blue and falls on either side to his elbows or may be curiously coiled.  As the Buddha of Infinite Life, he is invoked during rituals associated with the prolonging of life. His face with an urna between the brows, expresses a state of meditation, with narrowed eyes and an inward gaze.

The more specific sutra on Buddha Amitayus is the Arya Aparamita Ayurgyena Nama Mahayana Sutra or the Great Vehicle Sutra of Unfathomable Exalted Life and Transcendental Wisdom, although it is more like a hymn proclaiming the merits and virtues of Amitayus and giving us the long mantra of Amitayus. When we speak on Amitayus, “Limitless Life” refers to his blessings and virtue, while “Limitless Light” refers to his wisdom as Amitabha. Blessings, virtues and wisdom of Amitayus are limitless and so are his spiritual powers, his attributes and his teachings.

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