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Big Buddha Statues – The Big Art

Big Buddha Statues – The Big Art

Big Statues are not only Tough and Hard to make but equally time consuming. If you have to custom make it you will have to wait between 6 months to several years to complete it. Say you need a buddha statue of 4 ft. If you are to make it from scratch you need to give at least 6 months. However if you are lucky and you find a semi finished one in stock. It can be finished with your desired look within 3 months or so.

Time factor depends on several factors:

  1. First and foremost the entire wax model of the statue has to be designed and built. Each and every design of the body and face has to be made on wax and further carved on it to produce desired style of clothes, jewels, weapons, body posture, and facial expression. This is the significant time consuming and most important part of the entire manufacturing process.
  2. Then the wax model should be casted using lost was method. Here the finished model made of was is covered with material mixed with sand and cow dong. After that molted hot liquid metal either copper, brass or bronze depending on your choice is poured into it. Here, the was is melt replacing it with metal. After cooling solid metal statue is formed.
  3. You need to deccide whether you need to gold plate it or not. Even that whether you need it with full gold or partial gold plating. Depending on that cost and time factors evolve
  4. Another factor is carving. How much detail work is needed? This is one significant factor which takes time.

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