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Welcome to Online Buddhist Shop where you can buy Buddha statuesTibetan ThangkasSinging Tibetan Bowls925 Silver JewelryBeaded jewelryAntiquesCollectiblesTibetan Silver JewelryBuddhist Gifts, Ritual items from anywhere in the world via payment methods like Credit Card, Bank Wire, Paypal etc. We bring you products handmade by a group of fine artists from Patan, the heart of handicraft industry in Nepal, directly from our workshop. We are a manufacturer and dealer of Nepalese handicrafts.

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Buddha Statues demonstrate ‘Buddharupas’ which represent the teachings of the Buddha. The path of enlightenment to achieve Nirvana is the ultimate goal of Buddhism. Buddha statue itself is the symbol of sacred learning, which is represented in almost every portion of the statue. The Buddha statues are mostly admired for home and garden decoration. Buddha statues inspire us to develop inner happiness and satisfaction.Visit our store for beautiful Buddha statues handmade by professional artisans of Patan, Nepal.

Manjushir Buddha Statue

Singing Tibetan BowlsSinging bowls also known as Singing Tibetan bowls, healing bowls, crystal bowls, Himalayan bowls, medicine bowls are popular for their special healing and relaxing qualities, introduced by ancient Tibetan. Healing bowls also called as ring gongs and also suzu gongs throughout Japan, the uniquely shaped sacred bowls.

They are usually regarded as an instrument connected with meditation and peacefulness, an origin of valuable power by means of tone oscillations. Whenever the surface of the bowl is struck it produces a prolonged, reverberating sound wave which in turn calms the feels.Relaxing and exquisite singing bowls from Nepal, for details and more information see here- Healing bowls

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  • Tibetan Thangka-Thangka paintings are also known as Pauba paintings in Nepal. Buddhist Thangka is the Tibetan version of ancient Buddhist scroll paintings practiced since Buddha’s era in Nepal and India. Tibetan Thangkas originated in Nepal’s Kathmandu valley where Newari Vajrayana Buddhist culture is practiced. Newari paubha art is the foundation of today’s Tibetan Thangkas. Various philosophical and religious elements such as images of Bodhisattvas, images of Buddha, wheel of lifes, map of universe, life cycle of Buddha, etc are the common themes of Tibetan Thangka.

Golden White Tara Thangka

These ancient traditional thangka arts are designed to aid meditation, show direction to the seekers of enlightenment/nirvana, and serve as sacred ritual tools during religious ceremonies.We have wide collection of stunning Tibetan Thangka in our store. To see click here-> Tibetan Thangka Painting

  • 925 Silver Jewelry is regarded as one of the most popular jewelry available in the market. Silver jewelries have timeless beauty as they are fashionable as well as precious. Tibetan sterling silver jewelry has generally been exceptionally looked upon and desired almost everywhere in Asian countries for two millennium. For blog page ad Silver Jewelry copy 1Delicately as well as richly carved motifs, rare gemstones covered, bestowed with spiritual symbolism are enough factors just for their top notch and timeless style. For fashionable sterling silver jewelries and Tibetan 925 silver jewelries, click here->925 Silver Jewelry
  • Antique StatuesThe 18th and 19th century old statues designed and handmade by the ancient artisans in Nepal are now much worthy than other statues made today. The statues created then were made up of bronze as the metal was then regarded as the finest metal for best carving and designs. As the statues were handmade, the statues made by different artisan varied and were unique. Those statues are now rare and hard to find and are costly and mostly preserved in museums. Despite of high price, some antique collectors are found to buy these kinds of statues and collect them.Buy authentic and genuine antique statues those where handcarved by the ancient masters of Patan city, visit our store -> Antique statuesFor blog page ad Antique Statues copy1
  • Beads/ Beads JewelryBeads are small objects which are usually pierced for threading or stringing. They are the raw form of jewelries like bracelets, anklets, necklaces, or even earring. Beads range in different sizes, shapes and designs. They are made with different materials like silver, white metals, brass, glasses, semi-precious stones, sea shells, etc. Om Mane Beads Japa Mala


  • A pair of beads made from Nassarius sea snail shells, approximately 100,000 years old is thought to be earliest known example of jewelry. Beads can be woven together with specialized thread and flexible wire.Visit our store for wide variety Of  Beads  and Beads Jewelry <- here.
  • Bone ItemsBone items like pendants, necklaces, beads, key chains, etc are mostly appreciated by many people for their unique looks and designs. The bone items found and sold in Nepal are mostly made of Yak bones. The Himalayans believe that they absorb spiritual power from the yak bones, giving them an added measure of sound and spiritual meaning. Interested in Bone items and buying them? Click here-> Bone items

  • Buddhist Rituals and Art convey the way art function in traditional Buddhist altar. All the Buddhist ritual objects are used in religious rites and mostly are related to Tibetan implements. Objects such as Bell and Vajra, prayer wheels, Butter lamps, Ritual conch shells, Prayer Flags, Phurba, Incense Sticks, Offering bowls, Damaru, and many more are the repertoire of ritual items used in Buddhism. Each ritual object has its specific importance in Buddhism. To buy traditional Buddhist ritual items handmade by the Buddhist artisans in their traditional way here in Nepal, check out our  store for religious Buddhist ritual items.925 Silver Buddhist Ritual Conch Shell
  • Collectibles-Various religious, influencing, and artistic objects found in the market of Nepal like wall mask, tea pots, incense holders, snuff bottles, cymbals, wooden windows, wooden frames, etc are the handmade items by the local artisans of Nepal. These kinds of product are mostly liked and admired by the foreigners who visit Nepal. The items are beautiful, decorative and can be a perfect as gift to anyone. We have wide collection of different and gorgeous collectibles items handmade by our local artisans. Check to see-> CollectiblesFor blog page ad Wooden Window copy
  • Relief ThangkaRelief Thangkas also known as 3D Thangkas are made up of wood. They are uniquely carved to ultimately create 3D effect in the Thangka. The main portion of the thangka is embossed from the surface on a plain wood and then painted with different colors similar as other thangka paintings. Then finally they are framed in a wooden frame with a hook at back to be hanged on wall. Check out our stunning and beautiful Relief Thangkas collection at out store here-> Relief ThangkaShakyamuni Buddha Relief Khalachakra copy
  • White Metal ProductsWhite metals are used as an alternate for silver. White metal can be used for making jewelries or even as jewelry boxes and other useful items. They are cheaper; white metal has a very attractive appearance and is well admired by jewelry enthusiasts as well. Also, this metal is stronger and long lasting than 925 silver.For different variety of white metal products and jewelries with reasonable pricing, visit out store -> White metal products

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