Buddhist Scroll Painting: Green Tara Thangka

Green Tara Thangka

Green Tara Thangka

Green Tara is the goddess of savoriness, the quintessence of compassion, the one who reaches out and responds freely to all who suffer, fearless and boundlessly giving. She is specially worshiped for her ability to overcome the most difficult of situation. Green Tara is intensely compassionate and acts quickly to help those who call upon her. She is called “Mother of All Buddhas”, and is appealed to for help in protecting against the Eight Great Dangers. Green Tara is the most popular form of the Taras, also known as Arya Tara or Vasya Tara. Green Tara’s mantra is om tare tuttare ture svah.

  • Green Tara, known for the activity of compassion, the consort of the Dhyani Buddha Amogasiddhi, and is incarnated in all good women.  Goddess Tara, a female Buddha and meditational deity, is arguably the most popular goddess in the Buddhist pantheon. She is considered to be the goddess of universal compassion who represents virtuous and enlightened activity. Green Tara is Tara’s most dynamic manifestation.

In Green Tara thangka, she is ichnographically depicted in Green color in a posture of ease and readiness for action. In every illustration her left leg is folded in the contemplative position, her right leg is outstretched, ready to spring into action. Green Tara’s left hand is in the refuge-granting mudra (gesture); her right hand makes the boon-granting gesture (Varada Mudra). In her hands she also holds closed blue lotuses (utpalas), symbolizing purity and power. She wears six kinds of ornaments including necklace, earrings, bracelets and so forth, symbolizing her perfection of the six paramitas.

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