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Maitreya Buddha – The Future Buddha

Maitreya Buddha – The Future Buddha

Maitreya Buddha StatueThe name Maitreya is derived from the word “Maitri” from ancient Language called Sanskrit. The Sanskrit word “Maitri” means, kindness, love, benevolence, friendship, friendliness, goodwill. Therefore, he is also regarded as the Loving or Friendly One. He is regarded as the protector of the Dharma as well as a teacher who personally initiates his devotees.

Maitreya Buddha is currently a Bodhisattva  one who has vowed not to achieve Nirvana right away even though he has attained certain level of enlightenment. The main purpose of this is to help people on earth in their path to Nirvana and and teach them the teaching of Buddha.

Maitreya, also known as the future Buddha, is believed to be residing in Tushita Heaven waiting for the right time to descend down to the earth. Tushita heaven is one among the thirty-three heavens. It is believed to be existing living place of Maitreya. Followers of Tibetan Buddhism believe that if a person chants the holy enchanting “The Promise of Maitreya Buddha” in front of Rupas of Maitreya Buddha he will be reincarnated in Tushita Heaven.

There is a written statements in ancient Buddhist scriptures like Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana that Maitreya will be the successor to Shakyamuni Buddha. He is referred to as the upcoming future Buddha, predicted to arrive some 2500 years from now.

Some beliefs regarding Maitreya Buddha in Different Places

In Japanese tradition, Maitreya Buddha is considered as the mediator in relationships between men and women.

In Korean Beliefs, Maitreya Buddha is better worshiped as the bestower of children, particularly sons, a protector of sailors.

In Chinese culture, Maitreya is also know as Laughing Buddha or Happy Buddha. He is represented as a jolly, laughing Buddhist monk. He has a big fat belly who carries a hemp bag over his shoulder. He represents happiness, liveliness and prosperity.

Thanks to a Buddhist monk named Chang Dingzi Maitreya Buddha is also known as The Monk with the Cloth Bag. Though dressed only in thin monk’s robes, The Monk could sleep and play on the snow without getting wet or cold. He also had the ability to foresee the future.

The Monk, Yogi was a wise man, who was better known as Pu Tai ‘cloth bag’. He carried the large bundle of cloth wherever he went. He was later worshiped as the incarnation of Maitreya.

Maitreya Buddha Mudra

Maitreya is seated on a lotus that rests on a throne base. He holds his hands before his chest in dharmachakra mudra. Maitreya rupa holds a stem of a lotus flower in between the thumb and forefinger in his left hand. A wheel of Dharma, in sanskrit ” Dharma Chakra” is supported by the bloom of this lotus. Traditional Rupas of Maitreya has him standing, dressed in rich jeweled clothing.

People prefer Maitreya Buddha statues for their home decoration as it represents love, friendship, kindness and goodwill. You can check our Buddhist shop for beautiful Gold plated Maitreya Buddha statue and also antique Maitreya Buddha statue.

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