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Stone Buddha Statues

Stone Buddha Statues

Stone Buddha statues are the oldest form of Buddha statues developed by historic Indian native Buddhist craftsmen. Throughout history many different types of stones have been used in creation of stone Stone Buddha StatuesBuddha statues and sculptures. Various types of stones like sandstone, pumice, limestone, marble, basalt, alabaster, chalk, soapstone, etc. have been used for carving Buddha statues depending on their local availability and for the finished desired effect.

Stone Buddhist statues are relatively heavier than other Buddha statues made using metal, wood, or other materials as stone itself is heavy. As they are carved on stone, they have primitive designs and carvings compared to metal Buddha statues.

Stone Buddha statues are hand-carved meticulously with chisel and mallet. They are preferred for outdoor decoration or Garden decoration as the statues are generally huge. The stone Buddha statues will compliment any space it is placed in and they grow more beautiful with time.

The statues are mostly carved in a single stone however, very huge statues are first carved as separate pieces and then joined together to make a single statue. Some statues are filled with rich, earthy stones to make them look more beautiful and attractive. Although stone Buddha statues are hand-carved they have accurate and clean finishing. These stone Buddha statues last for hundreds of years, as many can still see the examples of stone Buddha statues in places Buddhist temples and monasteries from ages.

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