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Golden Buddha Statue – Half Gold Plated Aparmita Buddha Statue Handmade in Nepal
Click Here to Buy Now from Store Overview: Size : 8 Inches Tall X 6 Inches Wide. Made of Copper with 24k gold plated body and 24 Carat gold painted face. Face is the most important and carefully made part of the statue. It is carefully handpainted by Newari artist here in Nepal. The statue can be used for Home Decoration, Prayers, Spiritual Growth. Whether you are [...]
Aparmita Buddhist Deity – Amitayus – Bestower of Longevity
Amitayus- Aparmita Buddhist Deity - Bestower of Longevity Amitayus also known as Aparmita, the Buddha of Limitless Life. Amitayus Buddha is the Buddha of Health and Physical Immortality. Together with White Tara and other long life Buddhas, Aparamita is meditated on for long life and very popular because of a long history of miraculous cures. Aparmita is the name given to Amitabha in his character [...]
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