Thangka Painting- Life Of Buddha Thangka

Life Of Buddha Thangka

Buddha Life Thangka

Life of Buddha thangka covers the whole life story of Buddha. Shakyamuni Buddha can be seen in the central, meditating in the earth touching gesture on a lotus throne wearing silk robe. He is flanked by two of his chief disciples namely Sariputra and Maudgalyayana. His face seems very serene and his body emits auras surrounding his body. He is holding an alm bowl with his left hand on the lap. Over the top of his head a parasol is placed, hanging against the background of the Bodhi tree.

On the left corner of the painting, Queen Maya Devi in her palace bed dreams that a white elephant is descending from Tushita heaven and has entered into her womb from her right side. Just below this Queen Maha Maya Devi is standing in the Salbhanjika posture holding a branch of a Plaksa tree and delivering baby Siddhartha from her right armpit. The god Brahma is holding a Bodhisattva dressed in white silk, and is accompanied by two devas. Two celestial fairies carrying flowers are seen welcoming Queen Mahadevi. She is wearing rich garments, befitting a queen. Her face shows no signs of the pain of labour. Just below the painting, baby Siddhartha can be seen making objects. Below this, Prince Siddhartha is shown with his charioteer Chandaka taking a chariot beyond the palace walls. On the journey he observes a man suffering from old age, an emaciated man stricken with an incurable disease, a dead body and yet again an ascetic, or a bhikshu bearing an alms bowl clad in an ocher robe, standing calm, quiet and self – possessed, leading a life of strict discipline, embracing the spiritual path.

Seeing all these characteristic visions formed the basis of Prince Siddhartha’s great renunciation. Yet on another panel just below this Prince Siddhartha, oppressed by the sorrow and tribulation he saw, are his discarded princely garments and the ornaments of royalty, seen near a Stupa. Siddhartha cuts his hair as the initiation of his vow to become a monk. His Charioteer Chandaka and horse Kanthaka can be seen crying at the left side of the painting.

At the bottom panel of the painting the Bodhisattva Siddhartha can be practicing his austerities for six years, his body emaciated like a skeleton. Celestial damsels are seen dancing trying to disturb his meditation. On far right corner of the painting Bodhisattva Siddhartha is seen receiving sweet rice pudding from a lady called Sujata. After taking this food, Siddhartha is seen having attained Perfect enlightenment from his profound meditation under the Bodhi Tree. Devas and human beings are seen offering the eight auspicious symbols after his Perfect Enlightenment. He is seen turning the wheel of dharma for the first time preaching to his five disciples on Four Noble Truths. Just above this Buddha, is seen descended to Sankasya to tame the six heretical teachers after giving a discourse to his mother Maya Devi in the celestial realm. At a certain time during the Buddha’s life, a group of monks called ” Vrijji ” quarreled among themselves, unable to hear the instruction of Lord Buddha. To tame these Vrijji monks, Buddha went to the Parileyyaka forest unattended by monks. Instead, monkeys and elephants attended the Buddha faithfully. At this Vrijji monks realized their mistake and a respectful request to Buddha to return to their abode.

At the top right corner of the painting, Buddha is seen reclining in his death bed attaining his Great Parinirvana. The devotees and devas are seen crying at the death of the Buddha.

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