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What are the things that you should consider before buying a Buddha statue?

What are the things that you should consider before buying a Buddha statue?

Buddha Statue

Before buying Buddha statues you should know why you are buying Buddha statue. Basically, the reason should be to achieve inner peace. Selecting different Buddha statues merely depends upon the path to achieving what you desire. Placing a Buddhas statue in home will help us remember, understand and practice Buddha’s teachings. Ultimately by breaking out of never ending cycle of life after death, the state of Nirvana can be achieved by practicing Buddhism with the help of Vipassana meditation. If you want to experience a joy of life, laughing Buddha might be the appropriate one. If you wish to tame your mind with meditation techniques, you might want to buy meditating Buddha statue. You simply love and want to appreciate the artwork they can serve as the proper ambience to your living room or showroom

While buying Buddha statues, one should look for the carvings as hand-carved statues have more detailed artwork and are the best statues found in the market. The carvings depend upon the uniqueness of the artisan’s creativity; the details of hand-carved Buddha statues may be similar but not the same. The unique and beautiful hand-carved Buddha statues are originally and exclusively made in Nepal by the Newari artisans. Their fine artistry and skill are descended down from their ancestors for generations. You have to know where the different types of Buddha statues are originally made. To ensure the genuine statue one should avoid the replica of original art.

Face is the single most important factor to look for while buying one. The finer the face painting of the buddha better the quality of the statue. If you choose to buy golden Buddha the face is primarily painted with 24 k gold by specialist artist. On top of that fine outlining of eyes, nose and tika is done. The overall face should portray compassion, looking at which should invoke respect for Buddha within us naturally.

While you check for carvings and the face, you should be clear on what kind of statue is appropriate for you. There are Golden Buddha, Oxidized Buddha, Antique Buddha, Wooden Buddha, Jade Buddha, Copper Buddha, Bronze Buddha etc.

In the context of Buddhism, empty statue in your house without mantras inside will decrease long life, peace, health and wealth. Whereas filling it with mantras blesses you with good fortunes, peace, prosperity and happiness. Filling it with mantras makes the statue the enlightened one. You should look for possibility to insert the mantras in the statues. Statues specially made in China or India are not designed for filling the mantras inside whereas statues made in Nepal are designed specifically for mantras to be inserted. You can even ask the vendor to bless the statue by a Monk in local Buddhist Monastery when buying.

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