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Where To Buy Buddha Statue?


Where to Buy Beautiful Hand-Carved Buddha Statues?

Amitabha Buddha Statue copyBuy Buddha Statues– Different types of Buddha statues are found in the market these days. The fact should be known that every type of Buddha statue is designed to link with the stages of Buddha’s life and also teaches the lessons of Buddhist philosophy. Each design holds different meanings and teachings. There are different kinds of them are Standing Buddha, sleeping Buddha, laughing Buddha, blessing Buddha, meditating Buddha, teaching Buddha etc.

While searching and selecting Buddha statues, once should look for the carvings as hand-carved statues have more detailed artwork and are the best statues found in the market. The carvings depend upon the uniqueness of the artisan’s creativity; the details of hand-carved Buddha statues may be similar but not the same. The unique and beautiful hand-carved Buddha statues are originally and exclusively made in Nepal by the Newari artisans. Their fine artistry and skill are descended down from their ancestors for generations. Majors Shakya artisans contribute in creating the statues of Buddha.

The best place to find the Buddha statues is Patan, Nepal. Patan is the heart of handicraft industry in Nepal and also the best place where high quality beautiful Buddha statues can be found. This is the place where most of the professional and best Newar artists live.

Other than Patan, high quality Buddha statue can also be found in major places like Thamel, Basantapur Durbar Square, and Bhaktapur Durbar Square either for wholesale or retail sale. You can also shop online for Buddha statue made by the Newar artist and can ship to your place from Nepal.

Buddha statues made with variety of material like copper, brass, Bronze, silver, wood, resin, crystal etc. can be found. Mostly new metal Buddha statues are made up of copper, brass or silver whereas, antique Buddha statues are made up of Bronze (mixed metal alloy) or wood. Resin Buddha statues and crystal Buddha statues are also widely admired.

It is said that Buddha statue filled with prayers inside and blessed by monk brings fortune in home. It brings energy, health, material things, long life health, friendship, and good luck to the family members. It is of great benefit to fill the statue as it completes the body, speech and mind of the Buddha.

You can visit our store for beautiful high quality hand-carved Buddha statues made by Newar artists from Patan.

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