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  • Tibetan Tiger Rug

    Tibetan Tiger Rug Handwoven perfect for spiritual gifts, floor decor and home decor ($497.00 $447.00)
    reviewed by Amogh Shakya

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  • Love Knot Silver Pendants Tibetan Jewelry

    Love Knot Silver Pendants-Bundle of 3-925 Sterling Silver Coral Turquoise Lapis ($67.00)
    reviewed by Kit Thornton

    Beautiful and well, made. A quality product. Delivery was reasonably quick. I'd buy from here again.

    Review left on Etsy by Kit Thornton on Jul 15, 2020

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  • Chenrezig Statue

    Chenrezig Statue-Partially Gold- Home Decor-Gumba-Zen Meditation Altar ($297.00 $247.00)
    reviewed by Randi Rosenberg

    Absolutely beautiful statue! Well made in every way. The owner of this shop is so helpful and communicative and simply put a pleasure to work with. Quick and easy shipping as well! Thank you 😊

    Randi Rosenberg
    Review left on Etsy on Mar 21, 2020
    Changresi Buddha Statue

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  • guru rinpoche thangka

    Guru Rinpoche Thangka - Tibetan Tradition Buddhist Altar and Wall Art ($227.00)
    reviewed by Mose

    Shakya Handicraft is the best Dharma shop I have dealt with in all my life.
    I thought this thangka was beautiful when I saw it online, and it is even more beautiful in reality. The colours, the quality, the care in the detail are excellent.
    The thangka was also packaged very nicely and attentively, and it arrived home in perfect shape. It also took less than a week to arrive, which is much, much quicker than expected.
    The customer service I receive from Amongh from Shakya Handicraft was excellent; he treated me very lovingly and honourably like a member of his own family, answered my many questions on the product and much more, and he remained in contact with me until the thangka arrived home.
    I feel very grateful and happy to have received this wonderful exceptional service.
    Amogh also brocaded and blessed this beautiful thangka upon my request (with an additional small fee, which was very low compared to the quality of the work performed and inconceivable benefits of having the thangka blessed).
    I highly recommend Shakya Handicraft to everyone; genuine, loving, kind people and of course excellent quality. May Shakya Handicraft be always blessed and prosperous!

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  • kalachakra Tibetan pendant

    Kalachakra Tibetan Pendant a Buddhist Gift for Buddhist friend in Christmas ($77.00)
    reviewed by Joan Osborne

    Purely because of the COVID-19 situation, despatch was delayed - but I was kept informed at the outset and agreed to this. The pendant is beautiful and well worth the wait. Would order from the supplier again in a heartbeat! Thank you so much.

    Review left on Etsy by joankos on Jun 27, 2020

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  • tara tibetan bowl

    Tara Tibetan Bowl Plain Hand Carved for Sound Therapy and Home Decor ($97.00 $67.00)
    reviewed by Patricia Prieto

    I am very satisfied with the bowl. I wish to know what does it men the inscription in it.
    Patricia Prieto
    Review left on Etsy on Jun 25, 2020

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  • golden tara statue

    Golden Tara Statue - Full Gold- Perfect for Home Decor & Meditation Gift ($1,597.00)
    reviewed by Jurgen Rode

    I love this beautiful artful Buddha Statue. It arrived with some hick-ups and electronic confusion but safely and well packed.

    Review left on Etsy by Jurgen on Mar 25, 2020

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  • Buddha eyes singing bowl

    Buddha Eyes Tibetan Bowl - Seven Metal Handmade Singing Bowl. ($197.00)
    reviewed by Lunacywitch

    Terrific bowl. Beautifully made with a lovely sound. Lovely bowl. Fast delivery.

    Review left on Etsy by lunacywitch on Mar 6, 2020

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  • Manjushri Golden Statue side view 1

    Manjushri Golden Statue fully gold plated good for Home Decor - Meditation Altar ($1,797.00)
    reviewed by AvresAnnms

    The statue arrived super fast and very well packed. The vibe in my apartment changed immediately into something deeply calming and soothing. As if all the tensions and anxieties have melted. Can’t believe just how majestic he looks. I was already deeply moved by the photo, but when I see the statue with my own eyes...It feels as if Manjushri is right there, with infinite compassion in his infinite wisdom. May all sentient beings be benefitted and realize their true nature.🙏🙏🙏

    Review left on Etsy by AvresAnnms Jan 16, 2020
    Manjushri Statue Review

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  • buddha shakyamuni statue

    Golden Buddha Shakyamuni Statue - Buddha Decor for Home ($267.00)
    reviewed by Sanu qa

    Thank you so much. Received the statues today. Beautiful buddha statue love it !!
    Anu Shrestha
    Plymouth, USA

    Review left on Etsy by sanu qa on Mar 28, 2019

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  • Eight Auspicious Conch

    Eight Auspicious Conch Shankha Tibetan Ritual Object ($187.00)
    reviewed by George Keenlyside

    As you can tell; it looks beautiful. It sounds great too. Clearly Amogh and his shop are wonderful as I have returned, and will return to shop here again!!

    Review left on Etsy by George Keenlyside on Apr 22, 2019

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  • chakra bowls

    Chakra Bowls- Set of Seven Metal Quality Certified√ Singing Chakra Bowls ($697.00)
    reviewed by Carolyn F

    I love the singing bowls! They sound amazing! Very fast shipment and items were wrapped and packaged perfectly. Thank you.
    Carolyn Feghali
    CA , United States

    Review left on Etsy by Carolyn F on Apr 11, 2019

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  • manjushri statue gold

    Manjushri Statue Fully Gold plated with a Backdrop for Meditation Altar-Home Decor ($497.00)
    reviewed by Sanu qa

    Beautiful statue. Very happy with the purchase. Thank you.
    Anu Shrestha
    Plymouth, USA

    Review left on Etsy by Sanu qa on Mar 28, 2019

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  • Vajrasattva Buddha Statue for sale

    Vajrasattva Buddha Statue -Antique finishing- Handmade in Nepal- Buddha figurine ($267.00 $197.00)
    reviewed by George Keenlyside

    The statue is absolutely incredible. Amogh is wonderful to do business with. I am very happy I took my time finding the right store. My repeat business is just a matter of time!
    George Keenlyside
    Port Coquitlam, Canada

    Review left of Etsy by George Keenlyside on Mar 25, 2019

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  • meditation gift-prayer wheel

    Eight Auspicious Symbol Om Mane Mantra Prayer Wheel for your Meditation Altar ($97.00 $77.00)
    reviewed by Elizabeth O

    What a beautiful prayer wheel. Its small yet bright and festive. Good energy. You can see it In the left corner of the table.
    Client submitted review image

    Review left on Etsy by Elizabeth O on Feb 17, 2019

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  • Antique singing bowl- Healing Bowl STKB008

    Healing Bowl- Plain Seven Metal Tibetan Bowl- Made in Nepal ($197.00 $127.00)
    reviewed by Donna Garner

    I purchased several items from this establishment. I am very pleased with each and every item and with the speed of the deliveries.

    Donna Garner
    United States

    Review left by Donna Garner on Dec 16, 2015 on Etsy

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  • manjushri statue gold

    Manjushri Statue Fully Gold plated with a Backdrop for Meditation Altar-Home Decor ($497.00)
    reviewed by Maikki Sykäri

    Beautiful and magnificent! Seller was very nice and efficient.

    Maikki Sykäri
    Helsinki, Finland

    Review left on Etsy by maikkisykari on Nov 3, 2018

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  • buddha shakyamuni statue

    Golden Buddha Shakyamuni Statue - Buddha Decor for Home ($267.00)
    reviewed by Betty Malicoat

    I have many Buddhas but none are as precious as this one. First of all, it is perfectly made according to ancient guidelines so that I have a representative of the very best from an amazing tradition that has produced an object of veneration that is simply exquisite!

    Review left on Etsy by Betty Malicoat on Aug 1, 2018

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  • Tibetan Om Prayer Box

    Tibetan Om Prayer Box Ghau Pendant- 925 Sterling Silver Tibetan Lucky Charm ($27.00)
    reviewed by Emmanuelle CAILLEU

    Conforme à la description. Vraiment tres joli.
    Translated to English
    According to the description. Very pretty.
    Emmanuelle CAILLEU
    Review left on Etsy by emmashah1 on Sep 27, 2017

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  • Tibetan Om Mantra Prayer Box Charm Pendant

    Tibetan Om Mantra Prayer Box Charm - 925 Sterling Silver Ghau Pendant ($27.00)
    reviewed by Alein Holin

    Love this shot. Always in such awe every time i order something. Beautiful and amazing quality items.
    Alein Holin
    Henderson, NV, USA
    Reviewed by Aleina Holin on Etsy on Mar 12, 2018

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