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Green Tara – Goddess of Compassion and Enlightenment

Green TaraGreen Tara  in Sanskrit Language is called  “Syamatara”, in Tibet is called: “Grol ma ljang gu”) It is considered the embodiment of the activity of all Buddhas. She lends a helpful hand to lift us up to a mountain of enlightenment. In other words she helps and guides us in the process of achieving enlightenment path to Nirvana.

Green Tara symbolizes the female side of wisdom activity in our mind and is basically an emanation of the air-element (Amoghsiddhi Buddha). She is also called ‘Mother of All Buddhas’ and has many peaceful and wrathful  forms. By practicing the teaching of the goddess we can achieve quick thinking and quick learning of wisdom, generosity, magical perfection, fearlessness and spontaneity to reach a quick karmic achievements

Green Tara is very famous among the Buddhist followers of Tibetan and Newari Buddhism. They chant the mantras of different forms of Taras. All together there are family of 21 taras. White Tara is another form of Tara which they also called Saptalochana Tara with seven eyes.

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